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Helpful dB Clips

The clips below have been recorded to help you access and use the different parts of dB for remote learning. Click the white triangle/arrow to play the clip, hover over the bottom right hand corner to see outward arrows in a square that will maximise the screen.  When the clip is finished, press the escape key on the top left of the keboard (Esc).

Logging In

The first clip shows you how to log in to dB.  It uses a LJ screen, but the method is the same using KS1, LJ and UJ screens - the skin or background colour or design may look different to your child's age group.

Changing the Screen/Avatars

The second clip models how to personalise or change your screen or avatar.  Being able to this is one of the reasons why the screens you see across the three age ranges look different.

This clip uses an UJ login to access the area which might be useful anyone who wants to see this process in this age range.

Uploading Work to a Forum

The third clip shows you how to use a forum and other aspects of dB to upload your work.

This clip uses a LJ screen.

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