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Home Learning

The children from Y1 to 6 should have their pink homework books.  Inside these, you should have their login details to many online tools that the children can use from home.  There are also some activities in a grid or list that the children could complete up to Easter.  You will also find these on their specific home learning tabs here.  If your child didn't receive their book for whatever reason, please email the class teacher via the class email address for any login details (see the relevant age group pages for these addresses).  Also email the teacher if there are any educational queries - the teachers will check the emails once a day reply accordingly.

There are many ways that the children can continue their education at home.  Home Learning does not always involve having 'tasks' from school.  The following list gives some suggestions that you could try - photos could be taken and shared via email or be uploaded to dB for the class teacher to see.  Evidence is not essential as it is the experience that is important.

Please bear in mind, choosing a variety of activities will be best to keep your children happy and busy and to maintain a healthy mind and body.  A routine to your day will help you keep sane and give your children a structure. 

General Activity Suggestions

- Being kind; can they think of others and do a kind deed e.g. send a letter or picture to another family member/friend who might be isolated or lonely? 
- Baking; make a cake or biscuits, follow a recipe, weigh out ingredients, mix and cook, decorate/ice, clean up, wash up, dry up, eat and evaluate.
- Den building; using blankets and duvets to create dens with cushions or clothes airers, design, build, improve, extend, draw it and evaluate.
- Modelling with Recycling
- Playing board and card games
- Drawing, colouring, painting or craft activities
- Construction; building items using sets like Lego
- Having a chat; finding time to talk to each other, taking turns, finding out 10 new things about each other, creating a fact file about family members
- Technology use; can the children dial a number using the home landline (if you have one), could they ring a family member?
- Pet care; can they take more responsibility for the family's animals?  Create fact files/instructions etc?
- Bed making; can the children strip their beds?  Change a pillow case or duvet cover?  Can they fit a sheet?  (Good luck!)
- Gardening/plant care; can the children water the plants? Dig the garden? Plant seeds?
- Out the window; What can they see/hear?  Is it the same at different times of the day/different windows?  Can they name the birds, tree, dog breeds etc?
- Housework; can the children help to dust or know how to use the vacuum cleaner?  Can they peg and fold washing? 
- Game design; can the children invent their own games, rules, boards, ball games etc?  Consider how you win/score points etc.
- Plays/Talent Show; can they children write and perform a play or song? 
- Music; can they learn a new song, write a piece of music or rap (if they learn an instrument....learn a new piece/write one of their own). 
- Reading; books, comics, websites, newspapers, recipes, adverts etc.
- Go for spring walk; collect items on the way (Coronavirus advice permitting)
- Fitness challenges - star jumps, dancing at home etc (useful sites for ideas below).

Creative Tasks

General Website Suggestions

Website Suggestions  
There are many websites that the children could access.  The teachers may suggest some specific areas in their year group section.  With their login details in their homework books, the children have access to:  dB, PurpleMash, Oxford Reading Buddy and Spellodrome (Juniors).
General Areas of Interest
-Free stories to listen to:  https://stories.audible.com/start-listen
-Teddy time stories for younger children:  https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=13717769
-Elevensies: 11.00am - a World's Worst Children Story with the World of David Walliams 20 minute listen: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/
-Mr Wells (Robert Sandilands' Y4 TA) reading a story - Marcelo Mouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkSnZDEQlmA&feature=youtu.be 
-Our school maths is loosely based on resources published by White Rose.  The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8 and will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/
-Daily 10 (level for a year group e.g. Level 2 for Year 2): https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10
-Carol Vorderman's site is now free to join: https://www.themathsfactor.com/  
-Wildlife chat with Steve Backshall at 9.30am on his facebook page.
-Science questions with Maddie Moate on her Youtube page, week days 11.00am.
-View in 3d: via Google Chrome app on an Apple or Android phone...type in any of the following animals: Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Shark, Hedgehog, Duck, Emperor penguin, Wolf, Angler fish, Goat, Rottweiler, Snakes, Eagle, Brown bear, Alligator, Horse, Shetland pony, Macaw, Pug, Turtle, Cat, Octopus, Dog....then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you have a tiger (or whatever) in your house! You can take a photo of the kids with them and they can walk around it. 
-Joe Wicks is doing a free 'PE with Joe' every week day morning from 9am:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8&feature=emb_title 
-Oti Mabuse is doing a dance class at 11.30am on facebook (viewable any time on her youtube page):  -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC58aowNEXHHnflR_5YTtP4g
-Kimberley Wyatt is dancing every day on her Instagram page: www.instagram.com/kimberleywyatt    
-'The Ballet Coach'  - Ballet classes streamed on Instagram/Facebook Live.  Sarah AKA 'The Ballet Coach' is leading 14 classes weekly from 'Little Ones' to Adult stretch and from intermediate to 'Grandmas and Grandpas'. She's also now been verified to stream live on her YouTube Channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjoXKtJLuyb6gAG3sQlyq0Q
-60+ videos on our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/dantheskippingman and have a number of playlists broken down into series, here is a sample,
Dan the Skipping Man® #ICANSKIP - Starter skipper - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDsXDaeQfmG_X-h27EbQGxKG3YDFbjVGD
Dan the Skipping Man® #ICANSKIP is a series of skills to grow and develop the quality of a skipper from beginner upwards, with techniques to get started then building to more complex work.  All people need to follow the videos is a skipping rope and some space (back yard, conservatory etc)  … if people don’t have a rope available, they have them available to buy on our website in a variety of sizes (Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Adult) www.dantheskippingman.com/shop
There are daily suggested activities for different age groups on Purple Mash:  https://www.purplemash.com/#tab/pm-home/weekly_activities
-Music with Mylene Klass, twice a week on her Youtube page:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XXmBlTadys  
Other Skills
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