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Vision, Values and Aims

At Robert Sandilands, our MISSION is:

"Committed to developing the unique qualities of each child."


Our VISION is:

* To provide the best possible education for all by developing the individual talents and qualities of the children.

* To create a rich and stimulating learning environment for all.

* To support and encourage the children in becoming independent, healthy and well-rounded members of society.

* To work collaboratively with parents, governors and stakeholders within the school community.

* To create a supportive, caring and friendly atmosphere within the school to encourage everyone to be the best they can be.


Our VALUES support the fundamental British Values and are:



*Self Awareness





*Community Spirit

These are illustrated in our School Compass below.  The Robert Sandilands' Compass is displayed and referred to in school and will support our pupils' journey to be the best they can be.    

RS Compass(2)

Our AIMS are:

* To create a secure, happy and stimulating environment which encourages the children to give their best and reach their full potential.

* To foster and secure the active co-operation of the parents as partners in the education of their children, projecting the school as part of the community it serves.

* To help children develop lively and enquiring minds and foster a willingness to learn.

* To set high, but realistic standards for the children and encourage them to take pride in their work and in their achievements.

* To encourage children to acquire good academic and social skills, working both co-operatively and as individuals.

* To develop positive, responsible and caring attitudes as members of society.

* To foster self esteem, self discipline and self reliance.

* To provide a broad, varied and balanced curriculum that caters for the individual needs of the children.

* To encourage children to develop an understanding of personal, moral and religious values and respect for other beliefs and cultures.

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