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KS1- Year 1 (Wyvern ) and Year 2 (Phoenix)

Spring and Easter

Spring 2 Week 5 and 6 - The Home Learning Grids for Year One and Year Two are below.  There are some extra files to help with some some of the activities.  Year One - Ms Povey is thinking about your Italian friends in their school.  She would like you to draw or make a rainbow.  Please then take a picture of it or scan it and send it to the Wyvern email address above.  Ms Povey will then put them together in a document and email them to the children in the school in Italy.  Thank you.

Response from Italy - Ms Povey received the following response from Italy.......

Easter - For Easter Activities, please refer to the Easter Section.  Ms Povey would like the Year One children to write or draw something to send to the Hungerford Care Home Residents that they have been visiting. 

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