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School Meals Service Tender April 2020

Our current catering contract is due to expire in July 2020. We are, therefore, undertaking a tender exercise for a new school meals service to commence in September 2020 with a contract let in July.

We are looking  for a three-year contract with an option to extend, on an annual basis, up to a maximum of 2 years. We require a seamless transition with minimal disruption to pupils, parents and staff.

Tenderers should set out how suppliers will meet the specification given, and how they will add value with innovative and interesting approaches and ideas. We are not looking for a contract that stipulates a minimum number of meals consumed but we will work with the new contractor to help market and encourage pupils where and whenever possible.

We would welcome the opportunity to work together with our new contractor to provide healthy balanced meal options that are affordable and accessible to all. 

If you have any queries, please email: finance@sandilands.w-berks.sch.uk

Please find below:

Part A - Invitation to Tender

Part B - Specification

Part C - Draft Contract

Part D - Tender Submission  (Please email finance@sandilands.w-berks.sch.uk if you require a Word version of Part D).

Photos of the current kitchen

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Revisions to ITT 280420

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